О компании

“NefteXim-Processing” Company

“NefteXim-Processing” Company is successfully developing in the oil market of Russian Federation, CIS countries and abroad, specializing in the wholesale supply of various petrochemicals and petroleum products.

For the whole period of its participation in the oil market, “NefteXim-Processing” has earned a positive reputation among both consumers and suppliers of these products. This ensures that order of any volume and any range of manufactures and imported petroleum products and petrochemicals will be complete in a short time.

Nowadays “NefteXim-Processing” company can offer its clients the following products:

- Diesel fuel. (“NefteXim-Processing” offers summer, winter and arctic diesel fuel.)

- Gasoline. (Company offers various gasoline standards: 95-octane (Аи-95), 92-octane (Аи-92) and 80-octane (Аи-80).)

- Fuel oil. (“NefteXim-Processing” company offers М-100 and М-40 fuel oil. Product meets all quality criteria and is environmentally safe.)

- Bitumen. (Asphaltic cement, construction and isolative bitumen БНД 90/130, 60/90, БН 90/10. The main advantage of bitumen, manufactured by our company, is its low cost. This means that you will not only get your order in the shortest possible time, but you will also save your money.)

- Petroleochemistry. (Kerosene, MTBE, technical lump gas sulfur, granulated, industrial acetone, petroleum toluene, petroleum ortoxylene, HD polyethilene, HDP, balen polypropylene, CORB solvent, polypropylenes of all types, heating gas oil.)

“NefteXim-Processing” Company provides its customers a guarantee of high quality of fuel, along with flexible pricing system and wide range of petroleum products, delivered to many regions of Russian Federation and CIS countries.

In addition to wholesale of petroleum products, “NefteXim-Processing” company also manufactures bitumen types БНД 90/130, 60/90, БН 90/10 along with granular petrochemical materials.

Filling of petroleum products occurs on company’s own industrial areas with the separate railway branch, vehicle access and the possibility of warehousing.

Wide coverage of supply of petroleum products areas during calculations allows taking into account such factors as the location of petroleum refinery, transportation costs, and chemical features of the delivered products. Delivery of fuel for any businesses and organizations occurs strictly in time, since we do not want and do not allow our customers to suffer the slightest inconvenience. Precisely organized work process sets us apart from the competition for the supply of petroleum products on the whole territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries.

“NefteXim-Processing” LLC for many years actively cooperates with such petrochemical companies as "Lukoil" JSC, "Rosneft" OJSC, "TNK-VR" OJSC and many others. We will be glad if you would fill up the impressive list of our clients, who trust us in wholesale supply of various petroleum products.