Supply of petrochemistry

Delivery of petrochemistry

“NefteXim-Processing” company provides transportation services along Russia by vehicular transportation. The Company was established in Ufa and originally performed its services only in Ufa.

With dynamic development of “NefteXim-Processing” expanded geography of cargo carrying. Currently we deliver goods by vehicles across Russia and near abroad countries. Our motto is: to deliver the goods quickly and safely. Given the needs of our clients we are helping to attract for cargo carrying trucks of all sizes (up to 120 m
3) and capacity (from 3.5 tons to 100 tons), we professionally run routes of delivery to meet the deadline of freight. Our logistics will find the best solution for any transportation task. Our regular customers are convinced of the quality and speed of our service at reasonable prices, and for this reason they continue to consider the most cost-effective to give the care of their logistics operations to outsourcing professionals in our forwarding company.

We are always ready to take your weight on your shoulders!

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The prices listed in a tariff plan are agreed with logistics specialists of our company.

Contact person: Raumov Aleksandr Yuryevich

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